Sorry guys but rather than rattling on about what I do. Id rather take this time out to try & illustrate what inspires me to do what I do.

COMPLEX d.s. is influenced by God, Family, Miles Davis, the No. 2 pencil, brands, Notorious BIG, spring break, blank paper, G-Shock, X-gamers, Anthony Walters, Domino’s pizza, Afrika Bambatta, the funny-ass kid on the back of the bus snappin’ on kids, reality television, bad haircuts, Tic Tac’s and those who need them, fixed tickets, anything Jamaican, Pablo Picasso, Pro athletes, nerds, Tequila, Batman, Muhammad Ali’s phantom punch vs. Liston, audacity, My own clothing line Gutterfly, Bruce Lee, anything convertible, Jodeci, Motown, Andre 3000, jerk chicken, the word “NO”, Napster, Flavor Ice, fat laces, cd-burners, pencil sharpeners, Jay-Z, white-out, undo, Amsterdam, anything black, Ben Franklin, oneupmanship, the new whatever, Bob Marley, dodgeball, spray cans, graffiti, All things future relative, M Theroy, Shark Week, P.E., Vanilla candles, anything portable, weekend getaways, Sade, all gadgets, Jay-Z, Florida, Guyana, comebacks, gift of gab, lava lamps, The Jetsons, hope, buffalo wings, 50% off, Prince before he became the Artist, cool nicknames, Harley-Davidson’s, blame, Air guns, musicians who fall off, Roxanne Shantae, Lenny Kravitz, Southbeach, 64 Impala’s, first class tickets, happy hour, Rick Ruben, HipHop, comic books, Food, James Bond, smoothies, explosives, the one that got away, The Game of Death, Enter the Dragon, Mardi Gras, Time Travel, Bullet proof SUV’s, Gold, Christopher Walken, Star Wars, Orin “AFRONAUGHT” Walters, Yo MTV, Pranks, opening night, slap boxing, big dogs, Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson, glass jaws, industry rule number 4080, joint ventures, credibility, road rage, one liners, exit ramps, Hugh Hefner, Oprah, Kool-Aid, Art nuvo, digital camera’s, G5’s, Charlie chaplin, the Blues, Thomas Dolby, Boogaloo Shrimp, game-winning drives, DNA, Pro Sports Look, Gladiator, Run DMC, Hank Aaron, Brett Farve on a late comeback, t-shirts, the People’s Champ, lunch money, casual fridays, tabloids, generation X, gel deodorant, credit reports, preseason, blindside hits, ginseng, wood grain, naysayers, vellum, college loans, traffic, Wil E. Coyote, white shoes, after parties, Gold herringbone chains, rechargeable batteries, pay backs, John Lennon, those who deserve it, Don Cheadle, dead presidents, Bill Clinton, anything grilled, the last minute, fame, BB Guns, substitute teachers, New Jack Swing, Johnny Depp, fear, loathing, Value Meals, Native Tongue, Teena Marie, Coldplay, the hookup, Reservoir Dogs, tomorrow, Snapbacks, the truth, the Vulcan Grip, low interest rates, a bird in the hand, rainstorms, origami, Etch-ASketch, Lite-Bright, Darwin, Hot 97, zero to 60 seconds, 3D anime, idea thieves, taking off from the free throw line, Polaroids, Starbucks, Paypal, video games, Rallo, lotto, Hammer-Time, banana peels, Desert Eagle, Shout-outs!, oil paint, Janet, The American Dream, Madonna, moonwalking, DisneyWorld, Haters, art students, deadlines, Hype Williams, Steve Jobs, fresh sneakers, b-boys, Mark Ecko, Albert Einstein, the Crowd Going Wild, endorsement deals, Tim Burton, Drake, Andy Warhol & All thing creative.

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